• What you eat in the morning is important. What you eat for breakfast sets the stage for the rest of the day. This is why we decided to make a list of the best breakfast foods.

    Eating the right kind of food in the morning can give you energy and prevent you from overeating during the rest of the day.

    A lot of people grab a ready-made bar from supermarket shelf which is a mistake. Eating unhealthy breakfast food is worse than skipping breakfast.

    In this article, we provide the 10 best breakfast foods, whether you’re trying to trim down or bulk up.

    Best Breakfast Foods

    Cottage Cheese

    Bodybuilders swear by cottage cheese. They are high in protein. 1 cup of cottage cheese provides 25 grams of protein. Protein increases metabolism and produces feelings of fullness.

    The protein will keep you primed all day. They are as satisfying as eggs. Full-fat cottage cheese also contains linoleic acid which may help with weight loss.

    To make it more nutritious, add berries and ground flax seeds or chopped nuts.


    egg is one of the best breakfast foods

    Eggs are great. They are a healthy source of protein and nutrients like vitamin D. 12.6% of the weight of an egg is high-quality protein, which equates to 5.53g. This is 10% of your RDA.

    Eating eggs at breakfast increases feelings of fullness, which in turn reduces calorie intake at the next meal.

    Eggs also contain antioxidants and chlorine. They are very important for your eye, brain, and liver health. Eggs also help maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels.

    All of this makes egg one of your best sources to kickstart in the morning.


    Oats contain a unique type of fiber called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan has been shown to help lower cholesterol when eaten regularly.

    Beta-glucan also promotes feelings of fullness. According to one study, beta-glucan increases levels of the “fullness hormone” PYY.

    Oats are also rich in antioxidants. They help protect heart health and decrease blood pressure.

    To get the most benefit, choose oatmeal made from steel-cut oats. They contain more protein and fiber than rolled oats or instant varieties. But any type of oatmeal is a healthy choice as long as it’s not the flavored kind. They are packed with sugar.

    Greek Yogurt


    Greek yogurt is made by straining whey and other liquid from the curds. It is loaded with calcium and protein. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as regular protein.

    As you already know, protein reduces feelings of hunger. Yogurt also increases levels of hormones that promote fullness. So it can help you with weight loss too.

    Some greek yogurt contains probiotics. They help your gut stay healthy. Look for the phrase “contains live and active cultures” on the label to see if your yogurt contains probiotics.

    To get the most benefit, choose a plain, nonfat variety, and add some berries or chopped fruit for a dose of added nutrition.

    Flax Seeds

    Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and fiber. This helps you feel full for several hours after eating.

    Flax seeds also contain a healthy amount of lignan, an antioxidant that’s been shown to protect against breast cancer. They may also improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

    You can add flax seeds to your protein shake, greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Just choose ground flax seeds or grind them yourself. Because your gut can’t absorb whole flax seeds.



    Coffee doesn’t just wake you up. They are high in caffeine. So they improve your mood, alertness, and mental performance.

    Coffee is also high in antioxidant. Antioxidant reduces inflammation, and decrease the risk of diabetes and liver disease. Coffee may even help you live longer.

    To maximize the benefit of caffeine while reducing the side effects, drink 1-4 cups of coffee per day, depending on how strong it is. Also, don’t load it up with cream and sugar. Stick with skim milk.

    Green Tea

    If you don’t like coffee, drink green tea. Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages.

    Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee. So it hydrates you more effectively. But you get all the benefit of caffeine such as improvement of your mood, alertness, and mental performance.

    Green tea is also rich in an antioxidant known as EGCG. EGCG protect the brain, heart and nervous system from damage. EGCG also increase fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is the process of your body burning fat as fuel for energy. As a result, you lose body fat.



    Nuts are high in protein and fiber. Protein and fiber are very satiating.

    Nuts are also high in calorie. But studies suggests that your body do not absorb all of the fat in them. About 20% of the calorie of nuts never get absorbed by the body.

    All types of nuts are also high in magnesium, potassium, and healthy monounsaturated fat. They decrease inflammation and improve risk factors for heart disease.


    Popular types of berries include blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They are packed with antioxidants.

    They’re lower in sugar than most fruits. But they contain more fiber. They are also rich in vitamins and contain very low calories. One cup of berries contains only 50–85 calories.

    Berries have many benefits. They can help improve your blood sugar control, lower blood pressure, protect your heart, fight diseases and lower triglycerides (blood fats). They also improve your memory and cognitive function.



    Fruits are very healthy. All types of fruits contain vitamins, fibre, and potassium. They are also relatively low in calories. Citrus fruits are also very high in vitamin C.

    Fruits are high in fibre and water content. So they are very filling. As a result, you are at a lower risk of overeating.

    For a well-balanced breakfast, pair fruits with eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese.


    These ten are the best breakfast foods. But other healthy foods exists. These includes chia seeds, protein shakes, cinnamon, salmon, almond butter etc. Fuel your body with these foods.

    Stay away from breakfast cereal, pancakes and waffles, muffins, sugary juice, toaster pastries, granola bars, sweetened yogurt, processed breakfast foods, etc.

    Do you agree with our list of best breakfast foods in terms of taste? Which one of this is your favorite?

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