• Bad breath is a common problem people face very often. Chewing gum or mouth spray are temporary solution to this problem. But how to get rid of bad breath naturally & permanently? Is only brushing your teeth regularly enough to get rid of it?

    Let’s get to the main cause of this problem. Volatile sulfur compounds which arise from the interaction of oral bacteria are the main culprit behind this. These oral bacteria interacts in conditions like gum disease and infections, and within pockets and crevices of your teeth & cause bad breath.

    According to a report in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, your tongue is the main breeding ground of the microorganisms that lead to volatile sulfur compounds.

    How to get rid of bad breath

    Another study by Japanese scientists found that the coating on your tongue has the most impact on producing volatile sulfur compounds.

    How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

    Here are 3 simple tips that’ll help you get rid of bad breath permanently.

    1. Brush & Floss Regularly: To get rid of bad breath, you have to remove microorganism & food particles from your teeth properly. Only brushing you teeth isn’t enough for that. You have to floss too. Use good quality dental floss for this.

    2. Clean Your Tongue: We’ve already told you that surface of your tongue is the breeding ground of the bacteria that cause bad breath. So you have to clean your tongue regularly. You can brush your tongue with tooth brush but using tongue scrapper is recommended as it cleans tongue more effectively than tooth brush.

    3. Drink Enough Water To Keep Your Mouth Hydrated: Keeping your mouth well-hydrated is another important thing to get rid of bad breath. When your mouth is dry, the dead cells on your mouth can’t be washed away without enough saliva. Bacteria then begin to feed off the dead cells and multiply which ultimately cause bad breath.

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