• We all love to snack. But snacking adds too many calories and too few nutrients to our diets. Good news is you can change it. You can consume fat burning snacks!

    There’s no food that will literally burn fat while you eat it. But if you eat the right kind of snacks with the right ratio of nutrients, you can keep your body energized for longer and lose weight.

    In this article, we made a list of 15 low-calorie, high benefit fat burning snacks. Eat them when you feel the urge of snacking.

    Best Fat Burning Snacks

    1. Nuts

    Nuts contain a good amount of healthy fat, protein, and fiber. Despite being high in fat, they are very filling. Eating nuts in moderation can help you lose weight.

    They also may help prevent certain cancers, depression, and other diseases.

    If you don’t like eating nuts for a snack, you can chop them up and sprinkle them on main dishes or side items. You’ll still get the good fats they bring.

    2. Red Bell Pepper

    All bell peppers are nutritious. But red bell pepper is the best. They are highest in antioxidants like capsanthin, beta-carotene, and quercetin. They’re also high in vitamin C.

    The small amount of capsaicin in red bell pepper also provides several benefits that relate to losing weight.

    To get more benefit, you can pair one large red bell pepper with hundred grams of guacamole for both healthy fat and fiber while keeping the calorie count low.

    3. Plain Greek Yogurt

    greek yogurt is one of fat burning snacks

    Plain greek yogurt is among one of the best fat burning snacks. It is made by straining away the liquid. So it contains twice as much protein as regular versions. Each cup serving provides about 23 grams of protein. Protein makes you fuller faster and helps you with weight loss.

    Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium and potassium.

    4. In-shell Pistachios

    Pistachios contain a good amount of protein, healthy monounsaturated fat, plenty of fiber and B vitamins. One ounce of pistachios contains about 160 calories.

    This is why in-shell pistachios are better. According to one study conducted at Eastern Illinois University, scientists discovered that in-shell pistachios caused people to consume an average of 41 percent fewer calories than when they snacked on the nuts that were already shelled for them.

  • 5. Edamame

    Edamame is steamed unripened soybeans. It’s a great snack for vegetarians.

    It contains protein, slow-digesting carbs, several minerals and fat to keep your energy levels steady. It is also rich in the antioxidant kaempferol. In animal studies, kaempferol has been shown to cause weight loss.

    One cup of edamame has around 180 calories and 17 grams of protein. You can find edamame in the freezer section of most supermarkets.

    6. Fruits


    Healthy snacks don’t always need to be complicated. Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, pears, grapefruit can be eaten with almost no preparation.

    You will find that just a single piece of fruit can be more satisfying than hard prepared snack.

    7. Celery Sticks

    Celery is 95 percent water. It is a perfect low-carb snack.

    Celery contains an antioxidant called luteolin. Luteolin reduces inflammation. It may also help prevent cancer.

    You can add celery to salads or mix with cream cheese low calorie, highly nutritious snack.

    8. String Cheese

    String Cheese is a good way to bolster your protein intake with little carbohydrate cost. Like regular cheese, string cheese also contains a good amount of calcium. This will help you strengthen your bones.

    When buying, just choose the reduced-fat versions to keep the snack calories low.

    9 Hard-Boiled Eggs


    As you probably already know, eggs are one of the most weight loss friendly foods you can eat. They are also incredibly healthy. They got a bad reputation for their high cholesterol content for years. But according to recent studies, they don’t increase your risk of heart disease.

    Eggs are rich in protein. They are also incredibly filling. As a result, they reduce the amount of calories you eat. This will help you lose weight.

    10. Cottage Cheese with Cinnamon and Flaxseeds

    All of these have impressive health benefits. Together, they make a tasty, super healthy snack.

    Cottage cheese is laced with casein protein. One cup contains about 28 grams. Full-fat cottage cheese also contains conjugated linoleic acid. This may help reduce your body fat.

    Cinnamon and flaxseeds are beneficial for blood sugar loss, weight loss, and gut health.

    11. Beef Jerky

    Jerky is good for more than just road trips. They are great high-protein snacks.

    But you have to be careful when you are buying them. Some are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Look for jerky made from grass-fed beef. They contain more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Also, make sure they don’t contain any questionable ingredients.

    Beef sticks is also a good snack. Just try to make sure they are made from high-quality meat.

    12. Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

    Look for Dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cocoa content. Because of their flavonols content, they reduce your risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure. They may also help you lose body fat.

    1 oz dark chocolate contains around 150 calories in total. But this may vary depending on cocoa content.

    13. Kale Chips

    Kale chips are incredibly healthy and surprisingly tasty.

    Kale is loaded with fiber and antioxidants like kaempferol, and quercetin. They are also high in several vitamins. One serving of raw kale provides more than 100% of the RDI for vitamins A, C, and K.

    They also contain about 30 percent less starchy carbs compared to potato-based chips.

    14. Spicy Avocado

    Avocados are high in fat and calories. They are also a rich source of L-carnitine.

    L-carnitine is an amino acid that boosts your fat burning metabolism and aids fat loss. It helps the body turn fat into energy. It also helps fight obesity by boosting satiety.

    Also, most of the calories in avocado comes from monounsaturated fats. Researchers found that exercise burns monounsaturated fat more rapidly than saturated fat.

    15. Olives


    Olives are high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. They also contain powerful antioxidants like oleuropein. Olive can reduce insulin resistance and fight inflammation.

    20 olives contain about 115-150 calories, depending on their size.

    Which of these fat burning snacks are your favorite? Let me know in the comment.

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