• Exercise is the best way to burn calories. But it isn’t the only way. There are other straightforward ways to burn calories without exercise. You won’t even realizing you are doing them.

    These little bursts of activity function as micro-workouts. Adding these simple activities in your life is an easy, effective way to burn calories and get in shape.

    You can burn a handful of calories here and there by doing them. But by the time you go to sleep, they will add up to a decent amount of calorie burn.

    All of these activities may not fit into your lifestyle. So follow the one that works for you. A little extra effort can yield great results.

    10 Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercise:

    1. Take The Stairs

    Taking the stairs is one of the easiest ways to get a little exercise without going to the gym. A 150-160-pound person can burn 10 calories every minute she climbs stairs. That means only 20 minutes of climbing will burn 200 calories. So it’s a no-brainer to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

    2. Fidget

    You can burn a lot of calories by doing simple, hard to notice movements. Examples of these kinds of activities include:

    • Tapping your toe
    • Drumming your fingers
    • Stretching your neck
    • Shrugging your shoulders
    • Standing up and sitting down

    These activities may seem small, but they will increase your body’s temperature and metabolism. The best thing is you can do them everywhere like when you are riding the bus, eating breakfast or watching the television.

    3. Stand

    Your fat burning enzymes are more active when you are standing. So you can burn a lot of calories by standing instead of sitting.

    You don’t have to stand all the day. Just try to stand when you have the option. This could be when you are waiting in line, waiting at your doctor’s office, or waiting for your plane.

    4. Walk or Bike Everywhere


    Walk or ride a bike to work if possible. If you commute and use a form of mass transport, don’t depart at the nearest stop. Get off at the previous stop if possible and walk all the way. If you are a student, walk a lap around the building that you have classes in before class starts. These little decisions every day can make a huge difference for your health.

    A 150-pound person can burn 200 calories walking for 50 minutes at a pace of three miles per hour. Biking for 23 minutes can also burn 200 calories.

    5. Increase The Intensity Of Your Chores

    When you are doing your everyday chores like washing your dishes or vacuuming, do it at a much quicker rate than usual. When you are walking, walk like you are late for a meeting. This way you will burn more calories.

    6. Go The Distance

    Stop using the closest parking space. Park farther away and walk four or five blocks. You will burn more calories. Researchers have also found that if you go for a brief walk after a large meal, you store less fat.

    Also get in the habit of taking the longest route to the vending machine or restroom. Climb stairs to get there if possible.

    7. Practice Deep Breathing

    Powerful breathing forces us to use our diaphragm. It also enhances oxygen uptake and metabolic rate. So focus on deep breathing from the stomach.

    Try to breathe like this not just when you are exercising but also when you are driving your car or sitting on your couch. You could easily burn some extra calories this way.

    8. Do Things By Your Hand

    Burn Calories By Cooking

    Wash your dishes by hand. Wash, slice, and chop vegetables. Don’t buy pre-sliced ones. Unload the shopping cart. Cook dinner. Don’t hire anyone to clean and iron. Do them yourself. Mow your lawn with a push mower. Don’t hire a lawn service. Also, do them at a quick tempo. You will burn more calories.

    9. Drink Cold Water

    Drinking water increases the calorie you burn. One study has found that increasing water intake by 0.5 litres per day results in an extra 23 calories burned. On a yearly basis, this sums up to over 2 kg of fat.

    Drinking cold water may result in more impressive result. Because your body will have to use extra calories to warm the water up to body temperature. This can result in modest weight loss.

    10. Chew Gum

    Pop a few pieces of sugar-free gum now and then. Chewing keeps your jaw muscle moving. This results in calorie burning. Chewing gum also kills hunger. As a result, you will also consume fewer calories.

    What’s your favorite way of burning calories without exercise?

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